Advanced Face and Body
Massage and Bodywork


PCA Peel  
1-2 Layers

De-stress Massage

Short on time but need help in the problem areas? Choose neck, shoulders, and back or gluteal, legs, and feet.

30 min - $55.00

The Classic Massage

This massage is an excellent introductory massage for a first time client or for someone who deserves some special nurturing.

60 min - $85.00

90 min - $120.00

Deep Tissue Massage

This is designed to address tension in deeper layers of fascia. This is a full body therapeutic massage with a focus on specific areas of tension and soreness. Combining stretching techniques, joint mobility exercises, and slow deep strokes. Your therapist will work to help provide fullbody relief.

60 min - $95.00

90 min - $130.00

Hot Stone Massage

Bring on the hot rocks! Just the right amount of radiant heat from our ultra-smooth river stones prepares you for your therapist's firm pressure. It makes for our most sensory -indulging massage.

90 min - $145.00

Pre-Natal Massage

Massage can ease the physical discomforts that may accompany pregnancy. Along with other techniques, we use a soft body pillow to support you completely in a comfortable side-lying position. During a nurturing full-body session, we concentrate especially on the lower back, shoulders, and neck.

60 min - $95.00

90 min - $125.00

Raindrop Aromatherapy

This aromatic journey combines healing, therapeutic essential oils with a stimulating massage technique to bring structural and electrical alignment to the body, mind and spirit. Excellent for toning the immune system and a treat for the senses.

60 min - $105.00

Retreat for Feet

Allow a foot-focused massage therapist to slather your feet in raw Shea Butter and warm towels. This hydrating process is followed by a foot massage with reflexology.

60 min - $85.00


Renew your soles with a commonly used modality in Chinese medicine to relieve specific points of tension on the foot that correlate with your body's overall well being. Enhance this experience with a warm paraffin foot wrap. (paraffin optional)

60 min - $95.00


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